Managed Cybersecurity Services – The Advantages For You

For modern SMEs, digitization in the enterprise has long since ceased to be an alien world. Since 2020 at the latest, it has also been necessary to come to terms with new, digital working models. But how do you protect your company from an attack by hackers, viruses or other cyber threats? Not every SME has a large IT department with specialized expertise. So what is the solution in cybersecurity? Our recommendation: Managed Cybersecurity Services!

What Are Managed Cybersecurity Services?

The answer is relatively simple: Managed Cybersecurity Services or simply Managed Security Services (MSS) are services in the area of IT security that are usually offered at a fixed price. This applies, for example, per month, company, location, workstation or per user.

With a broad range of service providers, you will find security services that are specially tailored to your needs in order to achieve optimum data security. For example, more and more SMEs are looking at the digital transformation of the working environment. Accordingly, you must also protect sensitive documents, call histories, and very specifically customer information or special personal data. A managed security service can now provide various tools that you as an organization can use to improve your cybersecurity – for example, with a combination of Office 365 applications and services, as well as third-party extension solutions. We have summarized what MSS can include for you in this blog post.


Advantages Of Security Services

  1. Highest quality thanks to expert knowledge
  2. 24×7 operation, monitoring (and response)
  3. Time and money saving
  4. Tailor-made, future-oriented and scalable

What Does That Mean Exactly?

We have the specialists for you, around the clock

Small and medium-sized companies often lack capacity for specialists in the field of cybersecurity. If there is an IT department, it is often busy with day-to-day business. Managed security services can compensate for scarce resources or a lack of expertise. What’s more, Managed Security Services ensure the necessary 24×7 operation that is essential for monitoring and responding to any cyberattacks, guaranteeing support from specialists whenever you need it.

You save time and money

With a predefined amount, you as a company have access to all defined services, regardless of how much effort is ultimately required. Often, further problems arise in the technological sector during processing, for which you would have to pay extra in case of an hourly fee. Customers tend to only contact your IT provider in an absolute emergency with these arrangements. With an MSS, however, you have constant support from your provider, saving you the money and time of searching for solutions yourself.

Up-to-date and safe products, adapted to your needs

Particularly in the area of cybersecurity, you can’t wait for long, you have to act immediately. You or your colleagues don’t have time to read up on the latest guidelines or attend further training? No problem, that’s what Managed Security Services are for! Here you will get the information and assistance on which product or offer suits your company. After a comprehensive analysis of your personal starting position, such as our tried-and-tested ICT analysis or cybersecurity risk assessment, our experts provide you with a tailored, all-round recommendation for the right products and IT solutions.

If you then purchase Managed Security Services for a specific product, you will also receive the necessary licenses and subscriptions at the same time. In addition, your managed security service provider will also take care of any problems, updates and optimizations related to your product.

Conclusion: The Future Belongs To Managed Cybersecurity Services

To ensure that your company has optimal security in the event of a cyberattack and that your IT systems are up-to-date, Managed Security Services can help quickly and easily. Because the future means tight hurdles and quickly accessible expert knowledge. In vulnerable situations, you must be able to act immediately. In addition, managed cybersecurity service providers have the most up-to-date information on cloud-based and on-premises services.

SMEs face a wide range of challenges in today’s world. Those who want to keep up with the times must integrate digital systems, but at the same time protect themselves from possible attacks. A company needs a complete IT infrastructure with a secure system, a functioning cloud, and other tools and products. It is not always possible to provide this internally. Managed cybersecurity services can therefore be the solution. For Dinotronic, too, cybersecurity means more than just firewall, antivirus and e-mail spam filter. Our focus is on holistic information security. Are you unsure which security services are right for your company? We advise you and find the right solution together. Learn more about our Cybersecurity Services here.


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13. January 2023