6 Statistics Around Dinotronic, Cyber Security & Cloud Usage

In the recent past, a lot has happened in the IT and cybersecurity landscape as well as at Dinotronic AG. It’s time to take a closer look at some areas. We have analyzed the following topics, picked out exciting figures and show the development of the past years:

  • E-mail attacks
  • Other cyberattacks
  • Use of Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud storage
  • Managed Services revenue
  • Vietnam – second company location

Successful Defense Against E-Mail Attacks

Mail attacks are very popular among cyber criminals. We wanted to find out what the situation is like at our company and took a closer look not only at our mail traffic, but also that of our customers: Out of a total of 1,672,323 incoming mails within 30 days, we blocked 61% for security reasons and did not forward them.





Dinotronic graphic: Current mail volume and proportion of filtered messages

  • Malware: In simple terms, malware is malicious software that is created with the intention of damaging devices or stealing data. Malware is thus a generic term for various cyber threats such as viruses, Trojans, spyware and ransomware.
  • Phishing: If you receive an email with a link asking you to enter or change your credentials or password for security reasons, this is a sign that it could be a phishing email. The goal of the scammers is to get your passwords in this way in order to loot your account or otherwise harm you.
  • Spam: Spam is a collective term for all forms of unsolicited e-mail sent en masse. From harmless advertisements to links to fake websites that ask for personal data, it’s all there.

Intelligently Protected With Managed Endpoint Protection

With our Managed Endpoint Protection, we protect our customers’ endpoints from potential cyberattacks. Through multi-layered protection, we ensure threat detection and can thus provide immediate response.

For various reasons, we initiated a switch from Symantec to Trend Micro this year. So far in Q3/2021, we have migrated 49 customers and a total of 788 endpoints to Trend Micro. In 30 days, over 800 registered events were detected, including 230 known threats, 330 unknown threats and 240 policy violations.





Dinotronic Graphic: Managed Endpoint Protection Statistics (Trend Micro)

  • Virus/Malware Incidents: Simply put, malware is malicious software created with the intention of damaging devices or stealing data. Malware is thus a generic term for various cyber threats such as viruses, Trojans, spyware and ransomware.
  • Ransomware Incidents: Ransomware is a subtype of malware and refers to extortion software. Cyber criminals usually use ransomware to encrypt your data or even lock the entire device. For a ransom, the cyber criminals promise to release your data or device again.
  • Harmful websites: Malicious websites appear like legitimate websites at first glance. Often, they then ask you to download a program or file that is urgently needed. But beware: A malicious website tries to install malware on your computer by means of the download and thus obtain your personal data or gain full access over your device.
  • Grayware Incidents: Grayware is not necessarily malicious and is therefore not referred to as a virus. Grayware also includes files or applications that perform unwanted actions, such as displaying countless pop-up windows or recording your online behavior.

Microsoft Azure in Switzerland

Microsoft Azure has been available in Switzerland since August 2019. Thanks to the two new cloud data centers in the Zurich and Geneva regions, we can offer our customers simple and secure use of state-of-the-art cloud technology with data storage in Switzerland.

With the option of storing data within Switzerland, Microsoft also enables highly regulated industries to use the Azure innovation platform. When using Microsoft Azure Switzerland, it is contractually regulated that customer data does not leave the country’s borders.

We are very pleased to have doubled the number of our Azure customers since the launch of Microsoft Azure.

If you are also interested in Azure services in Switzerland, please contact us. We are experts  and will be happy to advise you.

Cloud Storage – Limitless Storage Space

Cloud storage is storage space that is made available to companies over a network (usually the Internet). This storage is therefore not located on the employees’ devices, but on one or more external servers, which are managed by providers such as Dinotronic.

Over the past three and a half years, we have steadily increased Dinotronic storage capacity on our own servers, more than doubling it compared to 2018. We also saw significant growth in backup storage on Azure Switzerland.


Dinotronic graphic: Storage used (in terabytes) over the last 3 years


Change to a Managed Service Provider

Until a few years ago, many IT companies made their money by charging for hours worked. Some companies have realized that this did not make much sense from many points of view and have switched to a more sensible model – so-called managed services. In the managed service model, the customer receives a pre-agreed IT service of a defined quality at a fixed monthly price.

We made the transition to a managed service provider back in 2016 and developed secure and reliable managed services specifically for SMEs. We are pleased to have been able to guide existing and new customers into the contemporary model and increase our sales in this area by approximately 50% since 2018.


Dinotronic Graphic: Managed Services revenue in CHF (million)


Vietnam – Our Second Company Location

The establishment of our first foreign location in 2018 was certainly one of the largest undertakings in the history of Dinotronic, which affected all employees and which has enriched our way of working in the long term. In the first year, someone from the leadership team was on site almost constantly to train the new team.

Thanks to the good introduction and growth (from three to six employees) of the Vietnam team in 2020, they are able to support us better and better. Our engineers in Vietnam support our Swiss team mainly in projects, service requests and the operation of our managed services. It is all the more gratifying that the necessary know-how has been built up and collaboration improved, enabling our Vietnam Engineers to work more hours in this context and resolve more tickets more efficiently.


Dinotronic Graphic: Hours worked & tickets solved by our Vietnam team.

If you would like to learn more about our challenging start, how we were able to achieve healthy growth despite adversity and how we have grown into a well-coordinated team from two different countries today, you can read it here.




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